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Picture Hanging

 Roger's Installation offers professional, safe and secure art installation, picture and mirror hanging services for the following:


  • Art: various art, pictures, mirrors and objects of different sizes. 

  • Wall types: drywall (with wood or metal studs), plaster/lath, wood, brick, and concrete. 

  • Hardware: three point security hardware, z-bars, loop cables, standard wire, etc.

Other Services

Gallery Cable and Tension Systems: gallery track, cables for wall moulding and various cable tension systems.


Picture Placement Assistance: help with deciding where a picture or a grouping should be displayed.

Stand-Off Systems

Please call or email with details for an estimate. Thank you!

gallery cable track system for pictures mounted into concrete wall
pictures being displayed using Acrylic and Stand-Off system
family pictures hung in collage on wall
gallery cable installation into ceiling and in from of mirrors with a picture of Roger Combs
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