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TV Mounting

Roger's Installation offers safe and secure TV mounting services for the following:

  • Size: TV's up to 80" inches in size (someone onsite will be needed to help lift TV's that are larger then 55")

  • Wall types: drywall (with wood or metal studs), plaster/lath, wood, brick, concrete, or above the fireplace. Sorry, but no TV mounting services for Tile.

  • TV Mounts: Standard, Full Motion, FrameTV and other speciality mounts. Client usually will supply the mount but one can be provided if requested.

Other Services

Soundbar Mounting: securely mount soundbar to the TV or directly to the wall. 


TV Cable concealment for Inside the wall: these services are offered for Hiding TV cables such HDMI and power cables / data com kits inside the wall.  Different options are available so please contact with project specifics.

TV Cable Concealment for Outside the wall: cord covers are mounted to the wall that hide the cables inside a plastic cover which usually comes in 4 foot lengths and that can be cut to size and painted if desired.

Please call or email with details for an estimate. Thank you!

TV mounted to brick fireplace with floating mantel
TV mounted in corner of wall
TV mounted above a fireplace with soundbar and hidden cables inside of wall
TV mounted in alcove with hidden cables inside all
65" TV mounted to brick firplace with cable covers on wall
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